New beam trawler Z.98 Windroos christened in Zeebrugge


The Flemish commercial fishing fleet consists of over 60 vessels. With this acquisition, we have resolutely set out on the road towards a sustainable and innovative future.

It was with great pride that Geert De Groote and Isabel Pauwaert of BV Rederij Aris from Knokke-Heist looked on as the Flemish Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hilde Crevits, christened their state-of-the-art beam trawler, Z.98 Windroos, in Zeebrugge on Saturday 14 August. This is the third brand new vessel to be commissioned this year, after 20 years without replacements. De Groote consciously chose to meet the demand within society for sustainability and innovation in the fishing industry, in which his family has been active for generations. He is also an advocate of sustainability, based on an economic, ecological and social pillar. The length and beam of the new Windroos are not that much different from its predecessor but some things have been improved, such as the living and working conditions for the crew on board. From now on, the crew will have permanent internet access, their own cabins, good sanitary facilities and a well-equipped kitchen.


Maybe you will soon have a sole, plaice, skate or monkfish on your plate that was caught by the Z.98 Windroos in the southern or central North Sea, the western waters or the Bay of Biscay.