MyMicroInvest in Fintech 100


The Belgian crowdfunding platform MyMicroInvest is listed in the ‘Fintech 100’, the ranking that is created each year by KPMG and H2 Ventures and which lists the world's most innovative fintech companies. The company was among the top 50 up and coming fintechs with potential.

Fintech companies – a combination of 'finance' and 'technology' – are companies that target new technologies to radically change the world of financial services. The top 100 in 2015 did this most convincingly with their efforts focused on new technologies and a better and increasingly innovative customer experience.

MyMicroInvest is the only Belgian company to appear on this international list. This recognition confirms the interest in this type of business model and is additional proof that crowdfunding is a real alternative as a type of investment for Belgian savers. It comes just at the right moment, now that MyMicroInvest is determined to become Europe's leader in crowdfunding.

Naturally Olivier de Duve, co-founder and CEO of MyMicroInvest, is delighted with this recognition: "We are really pleased to see that our efforts are being rewarded by our inclusion in this most prestigious international ranking. We make it possible for both public and private investors, to invest in young, innovative businesses. By linking the capital on offer to the demand for financial support MyMicroInvest caters for a real need. Almost 50 companies have called on MyMicroInvest already for funding levels of over €14 million. The recognition attained in this international ranking is shared with our 32,000 members, who together form our investment community.”

An incredible 19 countries are represented in the 'Fintech top 100'. The 100 companies in the ranking include 40 from the United States, 22 from Asia, 20 from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (excluding the United Kingdom) and 18 from the United Kingdom.

The 2015 ranking of the 100 fintech companies is made up of 2 top 50 lists. One with the world's 50 most important fintech companies, known for their international expertise (the so-called ‘leading 50’) and another with the 50 up and coming fintechs, which stand out for their level of 'disruption' and new innovation style (the so-called 'ones to watch'). There are 4 criteria for being included in the ‘leading 50’: capital raised, percentage of capital raised, geographical location, level of attraction for the market and consumer. As for the ‘ones to watch’, the jury looks out for those fintechs that are still ‘undiscovered’ - the players of the future, with fresh, new ideas and solutions. So here it’s the x-factor that counts, rather than capital growth or size.