Ménart has broken through in the international composting market


The Ménart family business from the town of Dour, in the province of Hainaut, started out producing agricultural equipment in 1961. Now it is an international player in the sector of composting machines for large volumes of organic waste

In the early 1980s, Ménart shifted its attention from its main business of producing agricultural equipment, which included a repair shop, to the emerging composting market. As such, the company was responding to the demand from numerous customers. It soon came up with three types of machines, fully adapted to their needs and budgets: chippers, turners and sieves. It mainly supplies to farmers or agricultural cooperatives, composting companies and the food industry, which, depending on their field of activity, use the compost as a soil improver or for resale. But Ménart aimed even higher and has continued to diversify its range. Now, it also develops and manufactures sorting lines that can mechanically and manually remove the largest pieces from the waste, as well as others that can remove even small impurities like pieces of glass or plastic from the compost. Even metal recycling companies have expressed their interest in this thorough separation of waste.

Over the decades, Ménart has reached out from its base in Dour to the world. It relies on its suppliers close to home and an efficient international network of carefully selected distributors: an ironclad recipe for success.