Melexis, vital chips


For thirty years, the Belgian company Melexis has been designing, developing and supplying innovative microelectronic solutions. Their integrated circuits combine analogue and digital signals and improve safety, efficiency, durability and comfort.

The semiconductors they develop are increasingly necessary in everyday life. Currently 88% of the production is in the automotive sector. Electronics are omnipresent in the cars of the future. While there are currently on average 13 Melexis chips per car produced, the increase in the number of electric cars promises a bright future given that a Tesla car, for example, contains 58 Melexis chips.

In an ever more connected world, the company has targeted five automotive-related categories. Firstly, alternative mobility such as electric bikes, mopeds and scooters. Then sectors such as health, connected homes, robotics and gaming, all of which offer opportunities for these increasingly vital semiconductors.

The Belgian company Melexis already operates on three continents and still has a great future ahead of it.