Marcolini’s global expansion continues


Shortly after its move into China, Marcolini, the renowned Belgian chocolatier, already has its sights set on the United States and the Middle East.

Last year’s terrorist attacks and their economic repercussions have only strengthened Marcolini’s resolve. While sales in Belgium have fallen by 6%, the company’s presence in international markets has allowed for continued growth.

Its latest earnings report (2015-2016) shows an 11% increase, with around 19 million euros in revenues. It is particularly in Europe that sales have accelerated, surging 25%.

Recently, five shops were opened in London, Paris, Japan, and Shanghai. Marcolini next aims to move into the US market, beginning with Hawaii, which is home to a great number of residents from Japan. The chocolate maker has also established contacts with the Emirates in the Middle East, and plans to work alongside Dubai and Qatar.

However, the driving goal is not to grow at the fastest possible rhythm, but rather to ensure controlled growth, with one of its primary aims being to retain total control over production, from cocoa bean to finished product.