Linedock wins two awards at the CES


The Belgian company Linedock has made a name for itself at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the leading trade show dedicated to technological innovation for electronics. It won two awards at this year's edition for its products in the "Mac Tech" category.

Founded by Nancy de Fays and Quentin Malgaud, Linedock is a start-up based in Villers-la-Ville. Thanks to the help of investors and crowdfunding, they have been able to make their project a reality, having already raised $2 million.

Having developed a docking station for the 13-inch MacBook Pro for data storage and multiple device recharging at the same time with different USB ports, Linedock returned this year with a new docking station for the 15 and 16-inch MacBook Pro!

The added value of their product: It looks like an external battery under the laptop with an SSD storage system (using memory chips), thereby increasing the storage capacity of the computer by an additional 1 TeraByte (TB). Other devices can also connect to this docking station via 10 ports (USB-C, HDMI, UHS-II and USB-A). High quality and with a sleek design, it is above all highly practical.

Trumps which have earned Linedock two awards for its innovations in Apple's consumer products.

This international recognition may well serve the commercial ambitions of the young Belgian company since, as Quentin Malgaud emphasises "Naturally, our goal is ultimately to have our products sold in Apple Stores. Coming here therefore allows us to make new contacts and find new partners among the professionals".