A Liège start-up creates the first Gravity Window range


Two Liège residents have achieved the feat of making the levitation of objects more accessible. In creating the company Levita, their aim is to make the shop windows of the luxury goods industry more attractive. They are also planning other applications.

The object floats in a glass case and can be examined from every angle. This commercial first has been witnessed in the window of a luxury watch shop in Singapore. A watch levitating as if by magic was exhibited to the incredulous eyes of passers-by.

Behind the challenge are two Liège residents, Clément Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard, who founded Levita. It took one and a half years of work to create this first box that will make levitation more accessible. Thanks to local partners and investors, these two magicians plan to transform this exploit into a business that can open up a number of opportunities.

This kind of "magic trick" that enhances an object is extremely attractive as a promotional tool. A second Gravity Box will be installed in Macau and negotiations are underway with other large companies specialising in luxury jewellery.

Other applications are of course possible. Imagine a work of art floating weightlessly and visible from every angle!