Levita enhances the biggest luxury brands


With its gravity window, Levita has become the only Belgian start-up to join the start-up incubator of the world leader in the luxury industry, the LVMH Group.

Behind this challenge are two Liège residents, Clément Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard, who founded Levita. Less than two years ago, with the help of local investors and partners, they designed a showcase in which objects levitate.

Their technical prowess was first seen in the window of a luxury watch shop in Singapore. In the wake of this, around 20 of their Gravity Displays were installed in cities such as Tokyo, New York, Dubai and Shanghai to showcase various luxury objects by making them float weightlessly.

Levita has now taken another step forward. The innovation of the Liège-based company was one of the few selected from among 950 applications within the start-up incubator of the French giant LVMH. In June 2021, Levita attended VivaTech, Europe's largest tech and start-up event; it will now set up shop in Paris and benefit from a personalised support programme over the next six months by using the luxury giant's exclusive network.

New technical advances are also expected, in addition to gravity window's ability to raise ever heavier objects. A project to make objects magically appear is currently being developed.