Less polluting ships - thank you Solvay!


Solvay achieves a new technological breakthrough in the treatment of ship exhaust emissions

The Walloon company intends to make its expertise available to the ecological transition. Its latest contribution in this area is a dry ship exhaust treatment system that does not use wash water.

The ecological footprint of these giants of the seas, whose impact is no longer in doubt, could well undergo a revolution. The Piana, a ferry belonging to French shipping company La Méridionale, was the first to benefit. Tests carried out in conjunction with Solvay and its SOLVAir Marine system have already won over La Méridionale, which operates cruises between Marseille and Corsica. And for good reason, as according to Solvay there is a, "reduction of sulphur oxide emissions (...) and the elimination of 99.9% of fine particles."

These impressive results, which enable the shipping company to comply with the requirements announced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) last year, have already prompted La Méridionale to equip all its vessels with SOLVAir Marine. Solvay, for its part, continues to honour its commitments to create more environmentally friendly energies. Well supported by excellent economic health and a worldwide presence (23 countries), the Group is perpetuating the influence of the excellent Belgian chemical sector.