International success for the Lotus Biscoff


The year 2015 was auspicious for the Lotus Bakeries Group, whose turnover grew by almost 20%.

This growth is explained by the internationally development of branded products, including the Lotus Biscoff and the Biscoff spread as well as the Dinosaurus biscuits and the Lotus waffle. The company also invests in natural snacks with brands such as Nakd & Trek or Bear & Urban Fruit.

But it is above all the internationalization of the famous Lotus Biscoff, mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom, which contributed to the growth and success of the group. The triumph in the US pushes the group to build a factory there to make the Biscoff, which should be operational in 2019.

Last year, the group invested over 16 million euros in expanding the capacity, the waffle factory in Courcelles and the Biscoff factory in Lembeke will be equipped with two additional production lines which should be operational in 2016/2017.