Increase in foreign direct investments


According to a new report released by FDI Intelligence in 2016 the number of foreign direct investment projects in Belgium increased by more than 40% over the course of 2015. This is the second highest increase on the European continent after the Czech Republic (47%). In light of foreign investment in Europe having dropped for the second consecutive year (decrease of 9% in 2014) this development is even more significant.

FDI Intelligence is a specialised unit of the Financial Times which focuses exclusively on foreign direct investment. According to this unit Belgium has attracted 192 projects, ranking Belgium in fifth place in Europe, behind the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain, but before Poland, Russia, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Belgian investors have also invested in 136 investment projects abroad. This is an increase of 19%, earning Belgium ninth place in terms of European direct investment around the world. This development proves that Belgium is still an attractive country, earning the trust of international investors.