I-care really takes off


The Walloon company I-care has won a contract following a global call for tenders. Seventeen companies specialising in industrial predictive maintenance took part and it was the Belgian company that became the 'Doctor House' of a global food industry giant.

The three-year contract, worth more than €10 million, will give a boost to the 530-employee company, which already has offices in 26 countries in Asia, the Middle East, the United States and Australia.

I-care, located in Mons, offers the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries a valuable tool for the preventive detection of breakdowns in order to avoid stoppages or other production problems. The Mons-based company finds its solutions thanks to tools based on artificial intelligence. Sensors can anticipate the slightest malfunction and thus improve the performance of production tools. This is made possible by analysing parameters such as vibrations, ultrasound emissions and heat generation. Fabrice Brion can be proud of his company's growth, which has exceeded 35% this year. And this is no coincidence, as he rightly points out that his tools meet the needs of industries. "I-care is meeting huge needs now more than ever: thanks to our solutions, industrial machines all over the world are safer, more productive and more environmentally friendly."


Company of the Year in 2020, I-care is poised to become the world leader in its sector.