A high-tech Belgian fleet


The first Belgian ship is about to be outfitted with sensors that can precisely measure energy use, which is a European first.

It’s all about crunching the numbers and getting the most out of them. That’s why a ship in Zeebrugge has been outfitted with a speedometer, soon to be followed by a torsion gauge. These, in combination with fuel gauges and all kinds of additional data from VISTools – a special fishing data platform developed for the Belgian fleet -- will allow for a more fuel-efficient usage of the ship. 

This brings a two-fold advantage: being more fuel-efficient is not only better for the planet, but also better for the ship owner, as experts have said that fuel makes up 20 to 30% of a ship owner’s cost. 

All these fancy gizmos and smart programmes will thus be a game changer and help set the example for the rest of Europe towards a more durable and efficient future.  

You can rest ashored that our fishermen and –women have what it takes to sea this project through (yes, we went there, twice) and change the fishing industry for the better forever.