Geert Houben first Belgian to go to Google Blackbox Connect bootcamp


The care platform Cubigo is one out of 15 of the most promising technological start-ups in the world, according to the technology giant Google. Google has invited Geert Houben, Aristoco’s CEO, to their annual 14-day BlackBox Connect bootcamp. It is this event’s 10th year running and it is the first time that a Belgian has been included in the select circle of participants.

Cubigo, an application of Aristoco, is a software platform that helps elderly people or people who are in need of care to stay in their home as independently and as long as possible. “Cubigo supports care at a distance with the help of technology,” Houben explains. “We bundle together different services into one user-friendly platform so that you can order a meal, conduct a video appointment with a nurse or call a neighbour for help on either your tablet or computer via Cubigo. Medical applications are also possible, such as forwarding your blood pressure or making an appointment with your GP.”

The bootcamp involves two intense weeks of workshops and presentations in which participants learn from one another and from other successful entrepreneurs. But Houben’s main goal is to make contacts with American CEOs, clients and investors, to speed up the growth of his business in the US. “From our office in San Francisco, we are fully targeting the American market. Cubigo’s technology is all set up and we are currently running 3 successful pilot projects. With financial resources from an investor, we could increase our growth in the US by investing in sales reps, project managers and administration.”

Why does Houben think Google took an interest in Cubigo? “Google believes very strongly in open innovation and renewal through collaboration, on a global scale. That’s only logical, because internet technology is not bound by national borders. That is why they invite 15 non-American technology start-ups to Silicon Valley every year. We find ourselves in varied company including Egyptian Edfa3ly (market leader in e-commerce in the Middle East and North Africa), South Korean Korbit (the motor behind the bitcoin exchange) and the Arabic Mini Exchange (the webshop for children’s clothing in the Middle East). Cubigo has been chosen as a worldwide reference in terms of technology in caring for the elderly.”

Talks are also planned with Google: “Because our platform focuses on healthcare performance, they see potential in our technology. Our population is ageing and healthcare costs are going through the roof. It is possible that this interest will result in an investment in Cubigo, you never know.”