Gabi SmartCare prepares to revolutionise paediatric care


With its digital home monitoring, Walloon start-up Gabi SmartCare is on the point of revolutionising paediatrics. A smart bracelet will measure eight important health parameters in young people and even premature babies. This will make it easier for doctors to make the right diagnosis and detect potential diseases more quickly.

Apparently, as many as 80% of parents do not give their doctor an objective report of their children's symptoms. This results in late diagnosis, too many hospital admissions and sometimes even life-long health problems. When Jonathan Baut nearly lost his young daughter due to a late diagnosed respiratory problem in 2017, he co-founded Gabi SmartCare.

Analogue home monitoring already existed at the time. But Gabi SmartCare aims to achieve easy-to-use, efficient, reliable cloud-based AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted data processing, using a bracelet that measures blood oxygen levels and heart rate, among other parameters. Health care professionals need this data in order to provide real-time, personalised, prospective medical assessment reporting. The reasoning is that children do not need to go to hospital if they are properly monitored and cared for at home.

This monitoring is already being tested in several Belgian partner hospitals and two clinical studies are underway, with a view to certification in the EU and the USA. This advanced Belgian technology is expected to be marketed by the end of 2022.