Fairebel wants to become the benchmark for fairtrade milk in Europe


Founded in 2009, in the wake of the crisis and the milk strike that had a major impact on people, the Faircoop cooperative society, manager of the fairtrade brand Fairebel, now wants to expand its offer with other product ranges and develop in the fruit and vegetable sector as well as the meat sector.

With more than 12 million liters of milk sold in Belgium in 2020, the Fairebel cooperative has now become a heavyweight in the food industry. Its fairtrade milk meets the demands of both professionals and buyers. The next step is to open Fairebel to other major sectors that have been weakened and put the farmers' fairtrade brand on supermarket shelves and in front of consumers.

The company is also in symbiosis with the spirit of its time, as in October 2021 it opted to use packaging that is 87% composed of vegetable raw materials. It is 100% recyclable, reducing CO2 emissions by 36% and saving 180,000 kg of fossil plastic. Fairtrade, at Fairebel, means a decent income for the farmer and respecting nature, guaranteeing the well-being of the animals and choosing short circuits.

While the concept was born in Wallonia, Flemish farmers soon joined the movement and even outside our borders, Faircoop is present in France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Bringing the agricultural world closer to the consumer is a project that extends beyond our borders.