Entrepreneurship World Cup: Sealution to represent Belgium


More security and connectivity on sea giants? That is what Sealution is all about. The start-up from Sint-Martens-Latem will represent Belgium at the 2023 Entrepreneurship World Cup in Saudi Arabia.

An accident aboard a large container ship, on which Sebastian Hamers, maritime officer and current CEO of Sealution, was an intern at that time, led to the creation of the start-up. The victim had been trying to send out a radio signal below deck for an entire night. In vain, as such a signal cannot penetrate the steel walls.

The company now guarantees safety with an internal network of wireless sensors and armbands for the crew. And there is more. Sealution's advanced technology also rapidly improves environmental friendliness and efficiency. They have, for instance, added sensors to the existing infrastructure that automatically transmit all kinds of data to a central database, which improves connectivity. Gone are the days when staff members have to run around the entire ship every so often collecting data to record in a logbook.

Sealution's product and corporate vision already convinced the Belgian jury. Now all we need to do is cross our fingers so the Belgian finalist emerges victorious in Saudi Arabia next year.