The Dragon Project in the fight against coronavirus


A European grant is allowing a company from Liège to take part in an international project called Dragon, which aims to improve and accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus-related disease.

OncoRadiomics has been established in Liège since 2016. The core of its activity lies in the use of artificial intelligence and the information contained in medical images. This young company has been working to provide better quality care for cancer patients. 

But with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, the team has set up a new project that will use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to facilitate diagnosis, making it faster and more accurate. As Wim Vos, CEO of OncoRadiomics explains, "We are committed to going beyond the flattening of the curve and improving our societies' ability to manage viral pandemics." 

The quality of the Dragon project has attracted the attention of the European Union. The project has just been awarded a grant of €11.4 million in the framework of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) mechanism, which supports pharmaceutical research. Twenty partners working in Belgium, China, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom will work together in this Dragon operation.