Double win for Genk transport company


Fighting for a cleaner environment while helping to defeat coronavirus as soon as possible is what transport and logistics company H. Essers from Genk stands for.

Normally, a lorry's engine drives an alternator that generates the necessary power for the electronics on board. But H. Essers wants to go green and was inspired by the solar panels on the roofs of houses and companies. For example, the transporter hopes to save 1,000 litres of diesel and 5 tonnes of CO₂ per year, thanks to the solar panels fitted to two of its lorries. In a year's time, it will become clear whether the sustainability test has been cost effective and whether it is worthwhile installing this technology in other lorries.

As mentioned above, H. Essers is putting itself in the spotlight in another positive way. The company is distributing the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine across Europe in its refrigerated lorry fleet. The temperature of the vaccine must remain constantly –80°C. Each of these refrigerators on wheels is permanently connected to a kind of control tower where everything is closely monitored, its exact position and the temperature. The transport is, of course, of extraordinary importance and value, meaning that an escort by specialist security firms and, in certain countries, by the police is in order.