A direct rail link to China


The Liège Trilogiport multimodal platform is now connected to the global rail network. A specially chartered train from China has just unloaded its goods there for the first time.

This first train arrived at Liège Trilogiport on 8 December 2020 from Yiwu, an important Chinese e-commerce base, loaded with general cargo. It had travelled more than 12,000 km through seven countries to reach its destination.

This was only possible thanks to the finalisation of a rail link within the Liège Port Authority, itself located at the heart of a European motorway network. By integrating water, road and rail, i.e. a trilogy of transport methods, the Liège Trilogiport site has become increasingly attractive as it can reach markets of several tens of millions of consumers very quickly.

"This new rail link will allow us to attract new customers and investors, boost the attractiveness of the platform and increase marketing potential," said Emile-Louis Bertrand as the trimodal dimension of the Liège Port Authority, of which he is General Manager, becomes a reality.

The future goal now is to fill trains in both directions, for both import and export!