Dear World, (also) eat Belgian


When we think of Belgium, we think of gastronomy. This is even the case during the corona crisis, which is affecting Belgium as well as every other country in the world today. But even though the country has slowed, the food industry sector is dealing with the crisis, thanks in particular to its #FoodHeroes!

"Small Country. Great Food." This is not just a slogan. Behind these words are quality products prepared according to strict hygiene measures while also demonstrating ingenuity. Workers in the sector have been able to adapt and have been given all the equipment they need to work safely. The quality of our products remains excellent. The food sector represents 27 billion euros in exports, 54% of which goes to our neighbouring countries (Netherlands, France and Germany). About 38% of exports outside the EU are destined for Asia. North America comes second with 20%. 

Unsurprisingly, beverages, dairy products, chocolate in all its forms and frozen potato products are the most popular.

So all over the world, let's continue to eat fries accompanied by a good beer and to enjoy a dessert, a great piece of chocolate or a waffle!

Dear World: thank you for continuing to (also) eat Belgian food!