Covid-19: A Belgian system for the rapid disinfection of enclosed spaces


An Antwerp company is developing mobile devices that can quickly disinfect large public spaces and thus eliminate the presence of coronavirus.

At the origin of this process is the Antwerp company Disinfect, a spin-off of the events agency CityCubes. The device sprays hydrogen hypochlorite using ultrasound produced by dry fogging. This substance has already been approved in Europe by the Eurofin agency and is completely harmless to human and animal health, as well as to the safety of the electronic equipment on which it is sprayed.

Nebulisation tests on Covid-19 have already been carried out in Australia and the UK with positive results, according to Dieter Veulemans, CEO of Disinfect. As he explained during a demonstration of the process in a large Brussels shopping centre, the operational phase can now begin, "We now have the necessary certificates to disinfect supermarkets, sports halls, showrooms, schools, cinema complexes, etc. biologically and at a reasonable price. We spray about 500 m³ in one hour with our smallest machine".

Disinfect also claims that its device provides more complete disinfection than the ultraviolet (UV) radiation systems already on the market, since it also disinfects shaded areas.