Brussels Expo becomes Covid Safe


As the capital's central economic hub, Brussels Expo has decided to tackle the coronavirus crisis with heavy weapons.

Indeed, from 20 June, Brussels Expo will be equipping all its spaces - around 120,000 m² - with UV-C purifiers, to counter the enormous deficit caused by the coronavirus crisis, and to enable the more than 80,000 people employed in the events sector to gradually resume their work.

Used to disinfect hospital rooms, operating theatres and public transport, particularly against coronavirus, UV-C purifiers use a combination of technologies that allow them to be used when the public is present. According to Brussels Expo, this precaution will be in addition to "the instructions imposed for the sector (wearing a mask, hand sanitiser gel, limiting visitor flows, etc.)."

Although the installation is scheduled to start in June, the Brussels Expo spaces are not due to be fully fitted out until late summer. This should enable the operator to resume operations as of 1 September, depending on decisions to be taken by the National Security Council.

The Belgian market leader in terms of exhibition space is therefore taking a big step by adopting this measure, which is a world first and represents a real beacon of hope for the events sector.