Brussels businesses are popular abroad!


Belgitude is gaining in popularity, with the "Made in Belgium" stamp seen as a guarantee of quality. This is what various Belgian directors have observed at the time of export. We take a look at four popular businesses.

When asked by Brussels television, the representatives of the different Brussels firms and businesses were unanimous in stating that our products export successfully. Exports represent a large proportion of turnover, whether we are talking about door handles and domestic accessories from Maison Vervloet, aluminium trolleys from Mercura or soaps from Savonneries Bruxelloises.

In any case, all clients are looking for the same thing, namely a high-quality product, and they know that this is guaranteed if they choose a Belgian supplier. Belgian businesses are also known for their flexibility, which allows them to adapt to the demands of different clients.

The Maison Dandoy, which is taking more cautious steps in the export market, notes that being Belgium is quite a selling point in Paris at the moment. In addition to this quality guarantee, Belgian humour is also popular. This explains why the brand is taking a sideways approach to promote its product, and it's working.

As well as quality products, flexibility and Belgian humour, these businesses also offer expertise that in some cases dates back more than a hundred years. It is the combination of all these elements that gives Belgian products such great prospects on the international stage.