The Brussels start-up “Axiles Bionics” wants to create a foot that combines robotics and artificial intelligence. The aim? To improve the quality of life of lower limb amputees.

After winning the "MedTech Awards" in 2017, a specialist in artificial intelligence and a specialist in medical licences joined the team of Axiles Bionics.

The company was created thanks to Pierre Cherelle, a doctorate student in robotics. Currently, a large majority of amputees are often disappointed with the effectiveness of the lower limb prosthetics imposed on them. The CEO of Axiles Bionics wanted to respond to this problem.

The Brussels start-up is relying partly on the research conducted by the VUB. It wants to combine artificial intelligence, robotics and human biomechanics to create an artificial limb that will be able to reproduce the flexibility and strength of human limbs. It will collect data as it is being used in order to adapt to the patient's needs.

A great project which has already raised €2.4 million!