Bone regeneration technique being exported to Asia


Thanks to a new partnership, the Belgian biotech company Bone Therapeutics is developing and marketing its innovative bone regeneration technology in China and Southeast Asia.

Bone Therapeutics is a biotechnology company based in Gosselies (Charleroi region) and specialising in bone cell therapy. Its technological approach aims to achieve bone regeneration by transforming undifferentiated stem cells into "osteoblastic" cells, which means that they enable bone tissue to be built up. The objective is to avoid major surgical operations for patients by choosing to administer these types of regenerative cell instead.

By signing a new partnership with two other companies (Link Health and Pregene), Bone Therapeutics will gain access to the Asian markets of China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. This €55 million agreement relates more specifically to the commercialisation of ALLOB technology, a ready-to-use allogeneic bone cell therapy platform (between two genetically different individuals from the same species).

The Charleroi-based company already markets its technology in the United States and now plans to continue its development throughout the world.