Blueberry becomes the first Belgian aerospace group


A merger between Sabca and Sabena Aerospace has led to the largest group in the Belgian aerospace industry being put into orbit under the auspices of the federal State.

Sabca designs, develops, manufactures and maintains high-tech components for the world's leading aircraft and space launcher manufacturers. The company was acquired in February 2020 by the Federal Holding and Investment Company (FHIC), the financial arm of the federal government. Sabena Aerospace (the technical subsidiary of the former airline) has been an international player in the maintenance, overhaul and repair of civil and military aircraft since 2014.

The directors of these two companies explained that these complementary activities clearly enable synergies to be established through the sharing of their market knowledge and optimised industrial organisation.

By uniting their destinies within Blueberry, the two major companies are laying the foundations for the "sector's first sustainable ecosystem", while also strengthening its Belgian roots. As Stéphane Burton, CEO of Sabena Aerospace, and now Blueberry, points out, "this new entity is a strategic facilitator for the development of the activities of each of its current and future members". Each company retains its management autonomy. "The goal is to achieve more together, to better benefit from our infrastructures and our investments," adds Thibauld Jongen, CEO of Sabca.

Operating in more than 10 countries, Blueberry has 1,200 employees in 12 locations, including 4 in Belgium.