The Belgorail certification authority acquires its Dutch counterpart HHC/DRS


2004 saw the founding of Belgorail, the Belgian institution specialised in the testing, inspection and certification of primarily rail transport systems. The Belgian market leader has been a member of the French multinational CERTIFER Group since 2017. The Dutch acquisition will allow this leading global player to further strengthen its position.

Belgorail's acquisition offers a number of interesting development prospects. For example, rail vehicle inspection activities will be increased at European level, the certification of new trains, signalling systems and railway infrastructure in the Netherlands and Scandinavia will be developed, the Belgorail and HHC/DRS expert teams will be deployed in a complementary way and the latter's specific expertise in lifting equipment and the certification of safety management systems will be fully utilised.


The new group, within which Belgorail continues to develop and expand its range of services, can now position itself as a global leader in railway certification. This is excellent news for the respective customers and for the railway sector as a whole.