Belgium scores at EURO 2016 with sports technology


It’s not just the Belgian national team that is present at the European football championship. Some 12 Belgian companies are involved in EURO 2016 and are showcasing the Belgian expertise in sports technology. The companies operate across all segments of the industry, from media technology and visual communication to screen and stadium infrastructure.

The twelve companies present at EURO 2016 are Deltacast, Desso, EVS, NEP Belgium, PRG, Saey, Simplex Arena, Stageco, Super Color, Tractebel, WNM and Wollux. They are part of the Agoria Sports Technology Club, which includes about 60 companies. Together they offer global solutions to organisers of major sports events and they've become a regular fixture in the industry.

In concrete terms, at EURO 2016 a number of Belgian companies will be responsible for the structural and technical revision of several stadiums, such as supplying seats and structural elements. Others take care of the camera crews and broadcasting trucks for TV broadcasts of the matches, or of the decoration and flags in the fan zones.

The actual matches itself will also happen in the best conditions thanks to Belgian companies. The matches in the Stade de France in Paris, including the final, are played on hybrid grass from Belgium. And a contribution is made to the proper sportive course of the matches: the vanishing spray used by the referee to mark the phase of play is a Belgian product.

The Belgian companies have paved the way to make EURO 2016 a success, now it's up to the players to score and to really make it a great football festival.