Belgium as a meat exporter


The quality of Belgian meat is renowned far beyond our borders. While its beef is mainly consumed in Belgium and its neighbouring countries, the majority of its pork is intended for export, with no less than 80% of its production going to the European market and 20% primarily to Asia.

Although, as we often say, "we use everything but the squeal", eating habits mean that Europeans prefer to eat roasts and ribs, whereas Asians are fond of pigs' tails and feet. This allows losses to be kept to a minimum.

Our main customers in Asia are China, South Korea and Japan, to whom we sell not only quality products but also those that meet the cutting, compliance and specification requirements of these countries.

Belgian quality also means products that respect the environment and the animal during the various levels of production. And the industry is working on this, for example by using solar panels on farms and paying particular attention to animal welfare. Belgium is also the European leader in meat inspections. The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) is responsible for all inspection services, from animal feed to the consumer's plate. It also ensures product traceability.

Belgian gastronomy also benefits from these excellent products, as a good Flemish carbonnade or meatballs in rabbit sauce also require good meat.