Belgium invests more and more in green hydrogen


With the construction of a very large electrolyser production unit, the John Cockerill group is emerging as a key player in the production of green hydrogen worldwide.

John Cockerill, based in Seraing (province of Liege), has been increasing its investments in the renewable energy sector in recent years. By specialising mainly in designing electrolysers, it aims to become a world leader in the field of green hydrogen.

This strategy of the John Cockerill group is being implemented through the development of "gigafactories" throughout the world, i.e. plants capable of producing 1 GW/year. Already built in China and India, this type of production unit should soon be implemented in the Middle East and, of course, in Europe.

As part of the European wish to increase its energy independence, the aim is to provide the means to accelerate the rate of production of electrolysis. In addition to the first plant, which will start up very soon in Alsace (France), the John Cockerill group has just announced the creation of a second very large green hydrogen production unit on Belgian soil by 2025.

In three years, John Cockerill's annual green hydrogen production capacity will be increased to 8 gigawatts worldwide, half of which will be in Europe.

This Belgian expertise in green hydrogen production is confirmed both on an industrial level as well as in terms of its inventions in the field