Belgium is 16th in the annual Growth Promise Indicators by KPMG


16th. This is the position of Belgium in a study covering a total of 180 countries. A similar score to last year.

Every year, the consultancy firm KPMG, one of the largest audit and consultancy firms, conducts research called Growth Promise Indicators, which studies the growth potential of 180 countries.  With a score of 7.42/10, Belgium comes 16th.

Five indicators are used in the study: economic stability, openness and willingness to reform, infrastructure quality, human capital and institutional strength. It is human development (8.02/10) and the willingness and capacity to reform (9.35/10) that allow Belgium to obtain its best results. However, economic stability lets it down with a low score of 2.92/10, mainly owing to the amount of its public debt.

One of the conclusions of this study is that Belgium is enjoying stable and sustainable growth but continues to be behind in Benelux. Indeed, our Dutch and Luxembourger neighbours hold first and third place in the 2018 Growth Promise Indicators. It should be noted that major nations such as the United States and even France come 23rd and 24th respectively.

Consult the full report here.