Belgians increasingly attracted by Dubai


In recent years, the number of Belgians in Dubai has risen. They mainly go there to open their businesses in view of the dynamism of the city's economy, which offers a wealth of opportunities.

Indeed, Dubai offers many advantages. Firstly, its geographic location is ideal. Dubai lies half-way between Asia and Europe and benefits from a very large choice of airline routes. Also, it is particularly easy to create a new company there and the state does not require the payment of taxes, which is attractive for entrepreneurs! Finally, Dubai is recognised for its cosmopolitan dimension, because it welcomes a very large variety of populations.

In terms of Belgian companies in Dubai, Besix is the first one that comes to mind following its participation in building the highest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai. However, it is far from being the only Belgian company present in the country.

After the magnificent Burj Khalifa tower, it is an 80-metre long waterfall with special lighting that is the main attraction. Two companies created by Belgians were behind its construction, Magical Water and Well Pumps, with a contract worth $4 million.

But Belgian companies are not only involved in architecture. Revatis is a new spin-off specialising in regenerative medicine for horses, animals that are much appreciated by the inhabitants of Dubai who are racing enthusiasts. Revatis offers owners the opportunity to collect stem cells from animals when they are in good health and store them for later use if the horse develops a health problem. The owner pays Revatis a large annual fee for this service.

Another Belgian company located in Dubai, Spadel, is also very successful. This family company created in 1870 currently produces compressors used to blow mould PET plastic bottles. Unknown outside of its niche market, Spadel boasts 60% of the global market and all its parts are produced in Belgium. Located in a free zone, the company imports parts from Belgium and then sends them on without paying customs taxes. Therefore, Dubai is the ideal city for this Belgian company's business.