Belgian wheelchairs produced in India


On 7 October, the Belgian company Vermeiren will be opening a new production site in Sricity, India. The wheelchair producer not only aims to expand its production, but also to increase its market share. It will be the company's fourth production site, following the sites in Belgium, China and Poland.

The demand for wheelchairs in India is exceptionally high. Approximately 1.2 million people are in need of one, however only 10 to 15 percent of this group is served by Indian and foreign companies. Vermeiren wishes to take over a part of the existing market in the country, while at the same time developing new markets.

"The new production site in Sricity should conquer the Middle Eastern, Asian and European markets in the next five years", says Patrick Vermeiren, CEO of Vermeiren Group NV. "Nevertheless, 40 percent of the production will be sold in India. The company is also opening a research and development centre (R&D) at the site. It will work together with the global R&D team for global products and specific projects in India."

The first stage of the production site is now completed following an investment of 5.5 million euros, which can be used to produce 30,000 wheelchairs. In a next stage, the company will invest 4 million euros to increase the production of wheelchairs, as well as producing 25,000 hospital beds. This expansion is set to happen in 2018.

The new location in India should not only ensure a reduction of costs, but also the diversification of products. The Sricity location was chosen as the city is easily accessibly due to the proximity of different ports, airports and motorways.