Belgian start-up revolutionises satellite guidance


VEOWARE SPACE specialises in small satellite guidance. Thanks to the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the EU, the particularly innovative system developed by the two Belgian designers has just equipped a first satellite.

For Julien Tallineau and Julien Demonty, this success story began in 2018 in a simple family garage. Having understood that the small satellite sector was booming in California's Silicon Valley, the two Brussels residents saw a great development opportunity in this market, which is still under-exploited in Europe. The two aerospace engineers, who graduated from the University of Liège in 2010, set themselves the challenge of launching a start-up, called VEOWARE SPACE.

They knew that a satellite moves in space at a permanent speed of 8 kilometres per second, so to take accurate images on the ground, a guidance system is needed that allows the satellite to orient itself very quickly. And the two Belgian engineers were the first to successfully miniaturise a guidance system so that it can be adapted to very small satellites.

This technical feat has won over the European Space Agency. And in the process, this start-up has also been selected for financial support by the European Commission.

So it was with stars in their eyes that the two Brussels residents just witnessed the launch of the first satellite equipped with their system by a Space X rocket of Elon Musk from the Cape Canaveral site in America.

As a result of this first success, VEOWARE SPACE is already seeing its order book fill up for the months and years to come.