A Belgian start-up provides security at the Oscars


The Flemish start-up, Ticto, attended the 89th Academy Awards Ceremony (the Oscars). But not just for any old reason. It provided the security for this prestigious ceremony using its invention, the "Tictopass".

Ticto, a Flemish start-up, invented the "Tictopass". This innovative concept is a personalised, flashing security badge, used during events, for example. This was the case at the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles. In fact, due to the event's notoriety and the number of guests, security had to be strengthened. What an opportunity for this Belgian start-up to be involved in the security for a ceremony like this!

How does the Tictopass work?

The Tictopass has a digital screen displaying the identification data generally present on a badge (surname, first name, photo, etc.). The graphics on the badge screen change periodically to display different signs, symbols and colours. These changes are unpredictable. In this way, someone without a validated Tictopass will not be able to display the same images and colours on their badge. This technique makes it easy for staff members to identify intruders.