A Belgian scanner that detects fevers


As the world groans under the coronavirus epidemic, Menen company Avalasia, which develops thermal applications, with its temperature-measuring scanners, has in no time succeeded in detecting those persons likely to be infected by the virus.

Avalasia's hyper-sensitive device can measure the body temperature of around 3,000 people in an hour, and is accurate to within 0.05°C. Increases may indicate coronavirus contamination, although further medical checks are necessary. This high-tech scanner is therefore perfect for places where crowds of people gather, such as stations, airports or borders. It comprises a thermal camera and a visual scanner that operate using artificial intelligence and are mounted on a post.

Despite its significant cost of 25,000 euros per device, orders have been flooding in over the last few weeks. Because of the coronavirus, of course. Around 100 have been ordered by Spain, Portugal, central Europe, the Middle East and North Africa since the virus appeared, and 20 of these have already been delivered. Some clients have ordered one or two, on a trial basis, but plan to order dozens more. It might be difficult to keep up with demand.