Belgian recyclable floor and wall coverings at World Expo Dubai


The Belgian pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai shows off, among other things, recyclable woven floor and wall coverings from 2tec2, a subsidiary of the family textile company Dewitte from the Hainaut town of Mouscron.

Eco-responsibility, carbon neutrality and circular production are the core concepts in 2tec2's business philosophy. Out of conviction, but also out of necessity. This is because its industrial looms originally produced products largely based on PVC and petroleum derivatives, which currently do not have a good reputation, nor are they cheap. Already, it is rejecting harmful substances such as phthalates and heavy metals, and soon it expects to supply only superior quality made from 100% recyclable materials.

Ceiling, floor, walls, in all shades and shapes, you can't fail to notice 2tec2 at our pavilion in Dubai. But most notable is its advanced acoustic Comfort Backing floor, which consists of layers of felt, woven seamless vinyl, fibreglass and also 70% recycled PET. The elegance of carpet, combined with the benefits of modular tiles that are easy to fit and replace. They are durable, high-quality, stylish and soundproof. Great for intensive use in offices, meeting rooms, hotel lobbies, exhibition halls, care centre, etc.

The hundreds of thousands of feet at the Expo won't prevent those floors from lasting at least another decade in perfect condition elsewhere after Dubai.