Belgian participation in the construction of the world’s longest immersed tunnel


The Fermen Links Contractors joint venture, including the Belgian companies DEME and CFE as project partners, has signed conditional contracts with the Danish government for building the world’s largest immersed construction.

Connecting Denmark and Germany and passing under the Baltic Sea, this long immersed road and rail tunnel will open in 2028. The total value of the contract amounts to 3,4 billion euros, 700 million of which come from the Belgian companies.

The 18 km long tunnel will comprise four motorway sections and two rail tracks, constructed by means of 89 precast tunnel elements.

Planned since 1995, the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link project connecting Denmark’s Lolland Falster region with Germany’s Schleswig Holstein region will shorten the journey to 10 minutes by car and 7 minutes by train.

CFE is a Belgian industrial group of which DEME is a division specialized in dredging and marine engineering activities. To conduct this project, both Belgian companies have been joined by Vinci (France) and Bam (the Netherlands), their partners of the Femern Links Contractors joint venture.