Belgian founder of Virtuix seeking to conquer the Chinese market


On Thursday 7 July, Virtuix, the company set up by Ghent-based Jan Goetgeluk, which brings together virtual reality and games, signed an agreement with the Chinese group Hero Entertainment, the creator of the leading first-person shooter (FPS) game in China devoted to e-sport, Crisis Action. A major alliance for Virtuix, which is opening up to a larger Chinese market by collaborating with a billionaire Chinese games group. Genuine progress for millions of players!

Virtual reality is infinite. It can be employed at any time and at any place and anywhere via a pair of glasses. However, one thing is missing that would make the game more stimulating: body movement. Jan Goetgeluk, CEO of Virtuix, has found the solution with the development of the Omni virtual reality motion platform. Combined with glasses or headsets, it allows users to simulate real movements and reproduce them virtually.

Virtuix has announced a collaboration with the Chinese group Hero Entertainment, the games and e-sport creator. Together, they will integrate virtual reality into the sport division of the Chinese group, Hero Sport, the owner of the Hero Pro League, the largest mobile e-sport professional league in China. Their aim is to turn the FSP mobile game, Crisis Action, into an active virtual reality experience with Omni. In this game, players have to walk around and shoot at their opponents. The game's popularity has increased over the past years and, today, the Chinese company boasts about 400 million users (mobile and tablet).

The motion platform should be released at the end of July. This union symbolises the link which exists between video games and physical sport. Virtuix has devoted about $6 million to the implementation of this project.

Virtuix and Hero Entertainment will also develop virtual reality products for the United States and China. Meanwhile, the Chinese company UNIS, supplier of game machines, has already announced that it will buy 5,000 to 10,000 Omnis for its games and entertainment centres throughout the country.