Belgian expertise at the service of the Tokyo Olympic Games


In addition to its sports delegation, Belgium can also boast 20 technology companies participating in the smooth running of the Tokyo Games. A record!

Twenty Belgian technology companies are currently active at the Summer Olympics. They form a non-sporting "Team Belgium" that was formed in the aftermath of the previous Olympics, those of Rio 2016. The initiative was taken by Agoria, the Technology Business Organisation, whose mission is, with its 1,700 member companies, to pave the way for all Belgian technology-inspired companies that want to contribute to progress worldwide through the development or implementation of innovations.

In Tokyo, in addition to the largest sports delegation ever sent, with its 122 athletes, Belgium has already set another record in terms of the largest technological participation in the world's biggest sporting event.

Whether in terms of sustainability, security, media or connectivity, here are some of the Belgian companies working at the Tokyo Olympics as part of the Agoria Sports & Entertainment technology club:

-        EVS (Liège), widely recognised as the leader in live video technology, provides replay, content management and distribution solutions for live video content to the Host Broadcaster as well as to a large number of Rights-Holding Broadcasters in Tokyo and around the world.

-       Veldeman (Bree) supplies 400 tent structures with a total area of 30,000 square metres, specially designed for the Japanese market to withstand typhoons.

-        Pitagone (Anderlecht) supplies safety barriers to local authorities.

-        Lapauw International (Kortrijk) is carrying out an industrial laundry project for hotel linen.

-       RT Loc (Merksplas) provides wearable technologies that monitor positioning and other characteristics of athletes' performances.