When we talk about exports, we very rarely think of the cultural industry... What if, in addition to designing exhibitions, we also allowed them to travel? And why not export them to the four corners of the world?

This is the simple concept behind Tempora, a Brussels company founded in 1998 which designs historical, scientific and artistic exhibitions that it then exports to different cities.

Most exhibitions are now designed already taking this international dimension into account. For the SME, which employs 65 people, exporting is an economic necessity, but above all one that allows it to develop large-scale projects, such as "Dieu(x), Modes d'emploi", in Geneva until January 2020.

But the company now has other strings to its bow. As well as exporting its know-how, it also maintains third-party sites. It also responds to calls for tenders for the design, production and operation of exhibitions,  like those it won in France, for example for the Glaciorium to be rebuilt in the Mont-Blanc Massif and another project linked to Saint-Exupéry's "Le Petit Prince" in Lyon.

In the next five years, the company's CEO Benoît Remiche would like to continue to professionalise the company and double its turnover. But above all, the company wants to become a major European player. To do this, Tempora needs new financial resources. A fundraising campaign is currently underway with private investors, and the company plans to raise €5 million to achieve its European objective.

The first phase of the plan has now begun!