Belgian engineering consultancy involved in the expansion of the Paris metro


The Belgian engineering consultancy Sweco will be involved in the work on the Paris metro network ‘Grand Paris Express’. It will design the maintenance complex for ‘Line 15 East’ and manage the project.

The new metro project in the French capital is the largest in Europe, and consists of 200 km of new underground metro lines and 68 new metro stations. This will naturally be an expensive task: 25 billion euros. The purpose of the project is to support urban expansion, improve air quality, ease the traffic and increase the efficiency of public transport.

The new line will connect the suburbs Saint-Denis Pleyel and Champigny through a new ring around Paris. The maintenance complex will be of crucial importance in the project as it will be equipped with infrastructure maintenance facilities as well as depot facilities.

‘Line 15 East’ is scheduled to be opened in stages between 2025 and 2030. Sweco will start work immediately and will also be collaborating with British and French engineers and architecture firms. The Belgian engineering consultancy will carry out work to the value of 10.5 million euros in this grand-scale project.

It is not the first time that Sweco has been awarded an assignment by ‘Société du Grand Paris’. In 2016 it was also responsible for the project management and design of Line 17, a new 20 km metro line featuring 5 new stations.