Belgian chocolate conquers Japan


The chocolate manufacturer Galler has enjoyed great success on the Japanese market this year. The giant chocolate company from Liege saw its turnover explode in the first eight months of 2017 compared to 2016 and expects to achieve an annual turnover of 30 million euros by the end of this year. This is thanks to expansion on the Asian market, and more specifically in Japan, currently the second largest market. Belgium remains in first place, with France moving down to third position.

Galler, founded in 1976 by Jean Galler, even saw its turnover on the Asian market double, with the greatest sales figures in Japan. The chocolate manufacturer had already been operating its own sales outlets there for some time, but recently signed a partnership with an ice cream manufacturer, meaning that Galler chocolate can now be found in 17,000 Japanese outlets.

In Japan, there are three market segments: luxury products, products of good, but also affordable quality and everyday products. Galler focuses on the second segment and claims that the Japanese love the quality, but also the packaging and presentation of Galler chocolate.

Even since 1994, Galler has consistently qualified for the title ‘Official Supplier to the Belgian Court’, awarded by the Belgian King. In order to earn this title, companies must satisfy strict criteria related to factors such as quality, service and privacy.