Belgian boots around the world


Quintessential Belgian classics such as chocolate, waffles and beer will soon be joined by a non-food item: the innovative leisure and safety boots from Bekina Boots made in Kluisbergen.

In 1962, the shoemaker's son, Denis Vanderbeke, started selling handmade rubber boots to the region's farmers. Today, his grandson is the head of Bekina Boots, an international manufacturer of high-quality polyurethane leisure and safety boots used in sectors as varied as farming, fishing, food, construction and industry.

Bekina's polyurethane pampers the most demanding feet. Its boots offer many advantages: a solid outer layer, which constitutes an impenetrable and, therefore, waterproof protection, optimal and self-regulating thermal insulation, thanks to an inner layer comprising a specific structure of small air bubbles. This structure means that the boots remain light as a feather and greatly increases their comfort. Finally, they last three times longer than ordinary rubber or PVC boots, which is also good for our planet.

Sixty years of experience and commitment

In its own hyper-modern laboratory, Bekina strives day after day to ensure quality control and technology in line with the latest market developments. In 2022, 60 employees are delivering 750,000 pairs of boots a year to 80 countries around the world.