A beer unlike any other


Belgo is a Belgian beer brewed... in Vietnam. This very special beer is produced in Ho Chi Minh city (formerly Saigon).

Two Belgians, François Schwennicke and Gauthier Lagasse, are behind this project. Gauthier was once a salesperson who had always liked the idea of working in Asia and especially in Vietnam, where he worked for a company developing the sales of Belgian beers. It was at that point that the Belgian realised the potential of Vietnam's beer market and had the idea of a Belgian beer brewed in the country itself. François Schwennicke was once the boss of the Delevaux leather goods company and had lived in Vietnam for several years. The two expats became friends and Gauthier Lagasse convinced François Schwennicke to join his brewing project.

The beer had to be 100% Belgian even though it was brewed on the other side of the world. To achieve this, the two men shipped equipment from the Hof Ten Dormaal brewery in Flemish Brabant. They can also boast a master brewer who trained at Stella Artois and malt from the Belœil region. So, they were able to combine Belgian expertise, ingredients and tools to create a real Belgian beer.

Today, the two men have extended their range to ten beers and even export it to other Asian markets. They have also opened two bars and restaurants dedicated entirely to Belgium.