Beer, chocolate … and now a second unicorn


Belgium already has quite a reputation for its culinary delights, among other things. Meanwhile, tech start-ups worth over a million dollars – or euros –, have now also earned the country international acclaim, namely the companies Collibra from Brussels and Combell from Ghent.

First came Collibra, as a data specialist and software supplier. Thanks to Collibra's product, companies are able to streamline and improve their management of the great mass of personnel and customer data. Host company Combell, for its part, offers server space and applications to over 1.2 million customers in Europe. If you want to succeed you must supply high-quality products or services to a niche market with very specific needs. However, there's much more to it than that. Ambition, courage, persistence and self-control to resist the first lucrative takeover bid.


While both large European players first saw the light in Belgium, they operate in the digital economy, where borders are naturally vague. They do not necessarily sense a strong tie, due to their international activities, focus, share ownership and the different nationalities of all their staff in different countries.