Antwerp start-up launches revolutionary cleaning product


Away with the dirt as well as the chemical and hazardous cleaning agents we usually use to tackle them. YOKUU enlists natural allies to get the job done around the house: good bacteria.

Many people in Japan flock to the forest for therapeutic reasons. They practice shinrin-yoku, which literally means 'forest bathing'. In the forest, trillions of bacteria relentlessly clear away dead organic material, such as fallen apples or leaves, and recycle it into nutrients to survive. Mother Nature gave Antwerp-based start-up YOKUU the idea of applying its circular process to the human world. The result is a healthy, clean, simple and eco-friendly cleaning product that restores the imbalance between man and nature. In fact, the overuse of classical disinfectants upsets our natural balance. Bad bacteria are becoming ever more resistant and dangerous, our immune system is deteriorating and allergies are on the rise.

YOKUU breaks that circle by dissolving a pearl containing 15 billion healthy bacteria with tap water in a reusable bottle. A quick spray and wipe, and bye-bye dirt. What's more: with each polish, you introduce a microflora that durably and naturally cleans surfaces.

So you can just stand back and watch while nature takes the hard work out of your hands. In return, you also get less dust, smell and dirt.