Aliaxis, innovating to create value


The municipality of Ixelles (Brussels) is home to the headquarters of a world leader in the transport of fluids designed in synthetic materials. Let's take a look at Aliaxis, the new Belgian success story.

The group has been manufacturing and marketing pipes for water and energy for almost 20 years. The company works mainly in the building industry, providing infrastructure for resilient cities (including Paris) and industrial and agricultural applications. Its activities include access, sanitation and recycling of water, as well as better use of water in agriculture. Today, the group counts among its customers IPEX, Friatec, GPS, and Philmac and is present in more than 40 countries.

How can this success be explained? The company is driven by its strong determination and has innovation and sustainability at its core. The majority family shareholding (Emsens family) is resolutely focused on the long term. The creatives who work for Aliaxis never lose sight of their goal, which is to make the world a better place by providing sustainable, innovative solutions that improve people's lives. To help them in this mission, the group relies on young companies working in water technologies.

The latest project, Aliaxis Next, aims to help these start-ups develop. This is a new division that already has the energy to meet Aliaxis' ambitions.