Agfa-Gevaert wins the Essenscia Innovation Award 2022


The Mortsel-based computer and imaging systems manufacturer Afga-Gevaert wins the prestigious Essenscia Innovation Award 2022 for its state-of-the-art Zirfon membrane technology that enables more efficient, cost-effective, safe and sustainable production of green hydrogen through alkaline electrolysis.

The production of green hydrogen requires clean energy from wind, sun or water. Electrolysis turns the water into oxygen and hydrogen. Agfa-Gevaert's high-tech Zirfon membranes that separate these two elements can produce up to four times more hydrogen than conventional membranes. They are very reliable and have a longer life span, which reduces production costs. Research, development and production of the new technology were based in-house in Mortsel in the province of Antwerp. Therefore, this know-how is firmly rooted in our country, after years of experience in chemical and moulding technology.

The main stakeholders in charge of large-scale hydrogen production projects are obviously very interested in the advantages of this Belgian technology, Zirfon.

The award was presented by Princess Astrid and Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. Incidentally, this is already the second time in five years that Agfa-Gevaert has been awarded this highly sought-after industrial innovation prize by Essenscia, the Belgian Federation of the Chemical, Plastics and Life Sciences Industry.